Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Art Lego?

I do that so much I don't blog about it any more.

But today I was showing some of my little cousins around and we found ourselves in Rockefeller Center.  We went up to the Top of the Rock , mainly because I have already been to the top of the Empire State Building.  The view was actually very nice.  To the North was a totally unobstructed view of Central Park and to the South was the Empire State Building.  It totally reminded me that I often run over the Manhattan Bridge because I get to look at the more impressive Brooklyn Bridge  All I brought was my phone so if you want to see the view click this

My kid could not stay away from the Lego Store.

This caught my eye.

But then there was this mural in the store.

It was not far from this.

That is really this

Thanks Travel Guide photos in NYC

or this

Stolen from Art Lovers

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