Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Money Does Not Equal Love

Last week I happened to have brunch in a dinner in Long Island City.  I parked on a block that had a lot of graffiti Here is a Street view from my parking spot.

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5 pointz aerosol art center
I was actually parking a cargo van, so I was a bit worried.  Not so worried, there were many  people in fashionable clothing taking photos.  Some with fancy cameras, many with their computers.  If you want to see more just google "5 pointz aerosol art center" and click on images..  Or look at the one photo I took.  I added the caption so it might be added to the Google search.

Then I saw this cartoon.

Click to enlarge.
It was not worth making big.

Today I took my son and 3 of his friends to the Liberty State Park Science Center. (I should have brought my own Advil.  I was not just that I was with 4 12-13 year old boys....  We were embedded in hundreds of summer campers who where also escaping the rain). The have a permanent exhibit called Communication which shows graffiti. It even lets kids "spray paint"

and look at the photo from the Liberty Science Center's website. It is practically the only person of color and he is wearing a Brooklyn Nets hat and holding a can of spray paint.

You know what. Fuck you Liberty Science Center. Fuck you. Every other museum in the region lets me and my kids in for free with my membership in the Brooklyn Children's Museum because it is part of the Association of Science and Technology Centers. But no, you abide by ASTC’s 90 mile rule. You
  • If your home address is within 90 miles of Liberty Science Center (Jersey City, NJ) and you are a member of another institution, that membership will not be honored at Liberty Science Center. 
  • If you live further than 90 miles from Liberty Science Center, but your membership is with an institution that is within 90 miles of Liberty Science Center, it will not be honored here.
Yea, I have been to more than a few museums within 90 miles and NONE OF THEM abide by that rule. Fuck you LSC. Looks to me like you want to keep NYC kids out.  I am sure LSC membership will get work at the Transit Museum or the Brooklyn Children's Museum any day of the year.

Anyway, back in the day I always had a Magic Marker in my pocket and this was my tag


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  1. Thanks for the tip about Brooklyn Children's Museum membership - GOOD to know!


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