Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A nice midweek 20 miler.

Yea, I wanted to do 20 on Saturday but the body said no and with the NYC Marathon 2 and a half weeks away I needed to put some more miles in the bank.  Here was my route.  It says 18.8 but my lines were not that straight.  I was pleased.  When I got home I know I had 6 more miles in me.  I am ready.

Earlier this week I ran an easy loop of Prospect Park.  I stopped an took a photo of a tree.  Today my route was considerably more urban. I did not just run over the Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges, but I ran under both ends of them as well.  I also ran under both ends of the Manhattan Bridge.

But from the Williamsburg Bridge I saw some cool graffiti

Here is what the corner of Wythe and South 6 looked to Google some time in the past

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Here is what it looked like today


Even closer

This is the work of Icy and Sot and a little research found that it was painted in June

Across the street has not changed since Google was there


  1. That was fun...I've always enjoyed Google Street View, even a couple of years ago when I decided to "walk" past our house and back, and discovered the camera had caught me outside in my pajamas. Fortunately, I wear very respectable pajamas.
    I enjoyed the photo, too, with all the different faces looking up. More than just graffiti, I'd say. But my favorite part was in Street View, seeing the bridge, then the road under the bridge.
    Good luck with the NYC Marathon. Some days I can't even drive 20 miles, never mind walk or run.

    1. Kay, The Google car just added Street View for Prospect Park. I will add it to my post so you can "take a loop" of the park.


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