Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A quick trip to Mexico

I don't lose stuff.  In fact I am good at finding stuff.  I am also pretty good and finding other peoples stuff for them.  Sometimes just throwing something like a school ID into a mailbox will get it back to the right person.  I know that because I used to work in a school.  We would get envelopes all the time with IDs even whole wallets.  The envelope would just say "Found in Loose Mail".  Sometimes when I would give a kid his wallet back he did not even know he had lost it.

The other day I was crossing the street and looked down and thought I was looking at an old fashioned  bankbook.  It was not.  It was a Passport, a Mexican Passport.

The only address in it was in Mexico.  I was not going there to return it.  Nor was I going to drop it in a mailbox.  This I did not trust the Post Office with.

But it was not hard to bring it to the Mexican Consulate on E 39th St, know as
Consulado General de México en Nueva York.

I did not even know if they would let me in, but it was not a problem.

I just said that I found a Mexican passport and wanted to bring it here.

I got a quick smile and thank you and was back on US soil in less than 30 seconds.

I was gonna go get some chicken and rice for lunch but then I saw a better alternative.

A taco truck across the street from Mexico.

I think I got the gringo special and it was ok.

3 Pollo tacos that were nothing like you could get at Toco Bell.  It was nice to eat them next to the truck.  There were only Spanish voices.


  1. Well done, young man. :)

  2. Oh, how wonderful. It's been entirely too long since I've been to Mexico, or even had Mexican food. So great for you to find a taco truck after "visiting" Mexico. I recognize most of the "Tipos de Carnes" except "cecina"...I have no idea what that is. I know I don't like chorizo (Mexican sausage) but I love pollo and bistec. There are no taco trucks here in Alberta, that's for sure.


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