Friday, November 15, 2013

Just tow me

Last night I was channel surfing and started watching an episode of White Collar.  It happened to be Episode 5 of Season 5.  And boom, is see the house that is diagonally across the street from my own.  I did not bother taking any photos last May but The Park Slope Stoop did..  In the show there were a lot of shots of the block.  But of course when they left the house they were on the Upper West Side, not Park Slope.  There was even a bike / car scene  that included shots of Riverside Park.

As I have pointed out before they make a lot of movies around my house.  It is not the end of the word.  (Even when they filmed War of the Worlds),  They do their best to keep traffic moving and they Production Assistants who deal with taking my spots away are very nice.  When they were filming Whit Collar in the Spring I actually timed my driving errands so I could return just after they wrapped up so I could get a spot.  When I returned they were behind schedule and there was no parking.  In fact they took over some spots where they did not have a permit.  When I complained to the traffic guy, he said, "I know, but we need that spot, so the trucks can make the turn.  We will be gone in an hour".  "But, I live here, what am I supposed to do for the next hour!"  "Ah!, I will get you a spot."  He stopped traffic and had me back up a one way street an squeezed me in between 2 movie trucks.  Cool!

An hay, just a few weeks ago, I was on a run and encountered an out of order water fountain under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn Bridge Park (shocker).  But, just feet away there was a craft services truck. (shocked again).  I just looked and the guy and asked for a bottle of water.  He handed me one and one for my friend..  So, do you get my point.  The people that make movies all over my world are my neighbors and they are nice neighbors, I don't want to take their jobs away.  They don't really ruin my life anyway.

Ahhga, But then there is this week.  It seamed all I did was move the car in circles.  Monday was a holiday, but the car was parked in a Tuesday spot.  (That means that on Tuesday they were going to clean that part of the street so the car can not be there.)  So at like 10 am I went to move it any not-Tuesday spot.  Notsoeasy.  I am not exaggerating when I say it took me over an hour to do that.  During that period I actually took a break from looking for a spot and parked at a meter so I could pee and buy some groceries.  But it took me 70 minutes to do all that.  An hour of driving around.  Then I found a Friday spot.

Ahhaha.  Tuesday morning I see the pink sign of doom.  The spot I thought was good till Friday is not gonna work.  Gotta pull out by 7pm because they are making a movie.  Another 30 minutes of driving around just to find another parking spot.  I DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO GO ANYWHERE.    Then on Wednesday my wife has to work late so she takes the car.  At 11pm she had no choice but to park in a lot.  $23!!!!!

Thursday morning I drive to a place that would have been easier to take the subway to because I had to GET MY CAR OUT OF THE LOT and WHEN I GET BACK THE ONLY SPOT I FIND IS GOING TO BE USED FOR FUCKING CRAFT SERVICES THAT EVENING.


I was so ready to put a sign in the window that said FUCK IT, JUST TOW ME.  Instead I drive to the track for my workout and found a nice Tuesday spot when I got back.

Here is a link to the parking mess I was in.

I don't think you can really see the map without clicking on the link

Oh and they are filming The Knick.  It tack place in the early part of the 20th Century.  My car is old but not that old, so it wont have a cameo.

This sign note did not make me feel better.

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