Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Your doughnuts are so good they helped me lose weight.

Today I returned to the Doughnut Plant and said that.  Yea, I said."Your doughnuts are so good they helped me lose weight.".  The first time I was there I decided that life is too short to eat bad donuts, so I decided that I would no longer let crappy Duncan Donuts or Entamin's pass my lips.  They are just not worth it.  Yea, if you are trying to stay fit you should not eat any donuts, but if you are going to eat just a few they should be good donuts.

I am down about 20 pounds in the last 4 years.  In part thanks to the Doughnut Plant.

$37.00 for a dozen donuts.  Brought them to my wife's office and had a feast.  Click this for all the photos that I did not take.

Back in my undergrad days (a few lifetimes ago) one of my friend's girlfriend worked an the local Duncan Donuts.  They had some sort of rule that if donuts were not sold after a certain amount of hours they had to be tossed.  She worked till about 3am.  So at like 3:30 in the morning after a long evening of $%^@$%@# she would sometimes walk in with a big black trash bag over her shoulder  It would be full of hundreds of donuts.  Just donuts, in a sack.  She waked a mile with a sack of hundreds of donuts over her shoulder..

They were not donuts by the time she got to us.  It was a sack of pudding,

We ate with our hands.

Yea, the last thing we were worried about was gaining weight.

Those were the days....

I like these days too.

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