Thursday, December 5, 2013

I just actually saw this ad on TV

WTF  This is actually a 30 second ad that is being broadcast on MSNBC.

Can someone please tell me what they are trying to say.   Here is what is says

Male voice:  This is Amy, she lives in America.  She free to smile to show she is happy.  Everyone is OK with this.  Amy is a christian, she is also free to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ to show she is happy, but not everyone is OK with this.  We are on nation under god [said in anger], No man owns Amy's happiness, no man can define how she show it.
 Amy:  Scream

 sound of broken glass

WHAT THE FUCK, I am an Atheist and my background is Jewish, so Christmas really never meant anything to me.  I am also a viewer of MSNBC so I figure this ad was aimed and me.  But I really don't give a shit if Amy shows her happiness by celebrating the birth of Jesus, or  Muhammad, or Thor, or Jim Jones or any other mythical or historical figure..

She can be happy all she wants.  Just don't take up any time in my kid's school with this mumbo jumbo or redirect any of my tax money to make her happy.

Apparently this ad was paid for by St Mary's At Large.  The production cost was probably $0 but it cost them a lot to make me see it.

Why?  Why did they show it to me?  This is certainly not going to convert me.  It is not going to stop me from "owning Amy's happiness", because I don't.  I think they made it and paid (a lot of money) to show it to me so they can tell their flock that they are fighting the "War on Christmas".  Good luck with that.

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