Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Short Window of Opportunity.

More Snow.  This time the wet, heavy kind.

The three photos above were all taken on the West side of the Prospect Park.

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The 2 above were taken on the east side of the park.  See below for a streetview in a different season.

I would have taken more photos but my touchscreen did not react well to the sleet.  But it did take a random photo of the roadway.

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and about an hour after I got out of the (most bestest hot) shower one of my friends shared this.

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  1. Hi Mike, just adore all the snow images - it cooling and I appreciate them from this hot, humid spot!
    The previous snow post was wonderful too. It was wonderful to visit today and be able to leave a comment. I have been having a lot of trouble leaving them here lately. Looks normal in the comments area today though. Stay warm!


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