Saturday, February 8, 2014

Have I said how much I enjoy my work?

This morning I got to help organize another race.  A big chunk of my job was to put course marshalls into certain positions so that they make sure the runners go the right way.  

We met an the Start/Finish line and I walked them out to their assigned spots.  The thing is that it was 20 degrees and these high school kids showed up in big puffy down coats, but no hats or gloves.

I really thought they were going to die.  But they did not, when I looped around on my bike to tell them to come back I asked them where they went to school.  Not waiting for an answer I said "I am glad my kids go to a school where they get taught to put on gloves and hats when they are going to do 5 hours of community service outside in February."

Anyway, today's race was along the Hudson River from Chambers Street to Chelsea.

This is the air shaft for the Holland Tunnel at Canal St.

Yea, when you zoom in you can see that when the tide was high those old posts were under water.

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