Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mixing Business and Pleasure.

On Saturday I will be Couse Director of a race on the bike path under the Verrazano Bridge.  My boss and I were talking about the fact that we did not know if the the Sandy repairs were finished or if the path was covered with blown or plowed snow.  So I decided to take a run down there and check it out.   It looked like this.

5 miles of streets followed by 5 miles of park.

I was able to report back that unless it snows more the path was runnable.

They were actually filling the pothole on the Belt Parkway, so I was running faster than the traffic.

This is me having fun.

When  got to the subway in Bensonhurst, I saw the one thing I wanted to see under the El.  A Chinese Bakery. Nothing like a steamed pork bun after a 10 mile run.

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