Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I don't get it

Shrubs in AstroTurf.

yea, it looks even freakier with the leftover snow on it.

but not less freaky in this summer Street view

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It turned out to be a really good run that was part a a surprisingly good day.  On Saturday I met up with my running club but was just off my game and jumped on the subway after 5 miles.  Sunday, I was staff at a marathon and spent a lot of time on a bike.  So I pushed my weekend long run to Monday.  But I also realized I had a lunch date with my Mother in law.  Instead of waking up early and do loops of the park, I remembered that I left a change of clothes at her house so that one day I can run there.  My legs were weird, I had to remind myself that the part of my legs that hurt because I road 25 miles the day before were not the running parts.

My run looked something like this. http://gmap-pedometer.com?r=6217401

and my lunch looked like this.  Nothing like all you can eat sushi after a long run.

Then a chilly subway ride home.  Coulda used a coat.

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