Monday, March 31, 2014

Best Handshake Ever

The hard part of running a marathon is not race day.  It is all the long runs that get you ready for race day.

My goal race is the Bob Potts Marathon on May 25th.  So with a little less than 2 months to go it is time to put in the millage.

Yesterday I ran a "gut check race".  I did not run it to win I ran it to find out what I was made of.  I signed up for The Broadway Ultra Society 3 Hour Race and I planned on dialing in a 10 minute per mile pace and holding on as long as I could.

The thing is that I thought they were joking about "challenging hills".  Not so funny.  But I was able to do each of the first 5 loops of the 5K course in about 31 minutes.  So I was pleased, 18 10 minute hilly miles means I can run 26.2 flat ones.

At the awards ceremony someone I asked the Male Master Winner how far he got.  It turned out he beat me my 0.7 miles.  He reached out to me and gave me and congratulated me on my run.  I love this sport.

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