Monday, March 31, 2014

Snatching Defeat From the Hands of Victory

Yea,  I am a Met Fan.

I am am Met Fan because my dad is a Met Fan, and I guess he is a Met Fan because he used to be able to walk to Ebbets Field to see the Dodgers. (Now I can walk to where Ebbets Field was and almost every day I pass the spot where the Brooklyn Dodgers played before there was an Ebbets Field)

One of my earliest memories was opening my window and screaming when The Mets won The Pennant in 1969.  I remember that all the windows were open and everyone was screaming too.  (I was 6, maybe I don't remember nothing)

So today I actually went to Opening Day at CityField.  Below you can see the melting snow of the roof of a car in the parking lot.  Some had a lot more.  For the first half of the game we were in the sun and I actually took off my coat.  Then it was 40 degrees again.

The Mets really sucked today.  More than once they were one out or one strike from winning.  But they lost.

I figured out why I am really a Met Fan


When The Yankees lose, their fans believe it is an abomination against god and nature.
When The Mets lose we know it's the punch line to a joke we heard already.

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