Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Family and friends help too

99% of the reason I didn't lose my mind is the wonderful care from the staff.
The other 1% is the Xanax.

Successfully got through chemo and left the staff at the hospital this note as I returned to rehab.


  1. Glad you're still kicking and keeping your sense of humor. Please post more updates as to how you're doing.

    I found a Metrocard recently and checked it. I thought of you and your running list of found money-it had money on it! Thanks!

  2. What can we do to help? I can tell you it gets better, and it does, but that may just sound trite. I can tell you you'll run another marathon, and you will, but you may not believe me. I don't know you other than meeting you once, but interacting with you on several other occasions, and you were a helpful guy on all occasions, but to paraphrase you (and is there any better source?), I'd like to offer you the proverbial end of the race handshake of congratulations without imposing on your privacy or personal space.

    When I was sick, and I was hospital and surgery sick like you, I needed nothing but the occasional email and news, which helped make me feel better. I've posted the occasional good wishes comment on your blog, which I've always appreciated your approving as the all knowing all powerful blog overseer :)--that's me above, for example.

    So continued best wishes from a fellow anonymous Brooklynite and parent of twins.


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