Wednesday, December 31, 2014

F.U. C.I.P.D

Fuck you Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. Fuck you.

In April I was almost ready to run my 30th marathon. In the rest of 2014 I probably would've run by 31st and maybe two more. 

Instead I spent May June and July in a hospital bed. I had my blood filtered through a hole in my carotid artery. I had chemotherapy.  I learned what an EMG test is, Google it, I needed three of them.

I asked my doctors, top doctors, what would have happened to me if I was out of shape?I They said that being in marathon shape help me survive.  Survive?!  That made sense to me. I always felt it was important to stay fit because some random crappy thing could happen to anyone. People get hit by truck's people get cancer people get really sick and if you're not fit it could be the last thing that happens to you.

I spend July, August and a chunk of September in a rehab facility. Really a nursing home with the gym. Not so much fun but I regained enough strength to go home.

I didn't know how wonderful it would be to be home till I was separated from my home. The hospital was like a prison with an indeterminate sentence. I hated being separated from my family. Being visited sucked,I wanted to be home with my family

Now I'm home I'm with my family and I have a little bit of control over my life. I can't do everything I want to do but I do understand that I have a long road ahead of me. I don't know how long the road is but I know all I have to do is keep moving at a steady pace and I'll get there.

Good riddance 2014.

Bring on 2015


  1. You know Mike, I had never heard of this crappy ailment before it grabbed you. It's appalling and I am so desperately pleased for you that you are no longer separated from that beautiful family of yours.
    Hold on tight to each other and I agree with your sentiments, bring on 2015! The year you have just left behind truly sucks.
    Thinking of you and yours brave man.

  2. Mike- I am very happy to have you in our group! I want you to know that we're behind you 150%! I was hit by CIDP in 01 after a gastric bypass surgery. I have been completely paralyzed twice, 23yrs old a single parent and a great job. Now? I'm on complete disability and I fucking hate it, 36yrs old and I am going to try and not go insane! I thank you for sharing this with us! We are all in this together- all for one and one for all right? UGHHHHH! You have a wonderful outlet here...I'm glad you are letting me vent here! I will get on making a Google account but until then I am anonymous! ;) Cori


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