Sunday, December 21, 2014

This was my happy thought

I was in four different hospitals in over four months and often thought of myself in this very spot. I'm under the Meadowport arch in Prospect Park.


  1. I salute you for being a brave child. I know how you've been through, going in and out of different hospitals. God is good, He will cure everything. Just believe and always keep your faith strong.

  2. Good on ya Mike. I've been calling by and seeing how things are progressing for you.

    As we say in Australia - hang in there mate, she'll be right.

    Been following you for a long time now Michael, keep posting!

    Christmas blessings to you, your gorgeous wife and lovely kids.

  3. You're such a brave child. I know how hard it is, but still you expresses yourself strongly. I'll include you in my prayers, God will always hear our prayers. Don't lose hope. Be strong always.

  4. You are indeed a very strong individual, some may give up but you are different. I know, you have faith in God that He will cure your illness, just continue praying. Have faith and never lose hope.

  5. Be strong. Always remember that everything happens for a reason. Just pray.

    1. Mx. Tour, I assume you're a spammer but I'll humor you with this reply


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