Thursday, February 19, 2015

They said I should write a book

I usually don't do what people tell me to do. So I am not going to write a book. Now that I think about it, there are many people who told me to write a book. Among these people are people who I have made a point of my entire life of not listening to. Come to think of it, if they would've told me not to play on train tracks I would've been dead by now.

But thanks to a lovely anonymous donor at NYU Rusk Medical Center I now have Dragon technology. I'm using it now to dictate to my computer. So I'm going to start updating my blog more often. Sometimes I'll be posting things about my life as it is now. Other times, I will review, stories from the past and the hospital and rehab, Or just stuff.

If you want to read a book, go get No Laughing Matter by Joseph Heller and Speed Vogel. Joseph GBS and Speed Vogel was his best friend. The first half of the book is a lot like the first month of my hospitalization. The second half, not so much. Because I haven't gotten better yet.

I read it while in bed during my first month of hospitalization. At the end of one of the chapters Joseph Heller said "and then I didn't learn that until I was at rehab at Rusk". That was kind of weird because I was reading it while in rehab at Rusk. I stop reading because the doctors were about to do rounds. And when my doctor walked in I mentioned to him that I'm reading No Laughing Matter. He looked right at me and said Joseph Heller was a very nice guy. But things were really quick crazy when Dustin Hoffman kept visiting. The next chapter was about how crazy things were when Dustin Hoffman kept visiting. Really.

A couple weeks later that same doctor came in to visit me and looked right at me and said, 'I was just thinking about Joseph Heller and the craziest day was when Yoko Ono showed up". I told him that I thought wherever you worked the craziest day you could ever have there would be the day that Yoko Ono showed up.

I always thought living in New York was extra fun because you get to do it parallel to the celebrities. But there's other stuff. Because I am lucky enough and to live in New York I've had access to the greatest doctors nurses and therapists in the world..

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  1. Hat off to those wonderful doctors and nurses Mike. Truly amazing people. They're right on your side, what a bonus.


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