Friday, March 27, 2015

It's okay, you can cry. Now give me a hug

Today it happened.  I was out the neighborhood my newfangled wheelchair and  I heard my name being called from behind.  I stopped and made the wheelchair do a 180.

There she was, a friend, not a close friend, not a Facebook friend..  She was someone I've run with and someone I volunteered with.  But it was clear she didn't know what happened to me. The fact that she didn't know was obvious to me.  Not from the look on her face but from the fact that she was covering her face to hide the tears.  For The past 10 months I was afraid this would happen.  I was afraid it would make me start crying.  I was really afraid I wouldn't stop.

But I cried a little too, asked for a hug and then we both stopped crying.

She did make me feel better.  She told me she knew how strong I was and that if anyone can beat this I would.  Because we have crossed finish lines together and she knew that sometimes when I get to mile 26.2 I keep going.


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