Thursday, June 4, 2015

Shit people say that actually made me feel better (Update June 4, 2015)

Saying, "It's good to see ya." really helps. 

Because it is really good to be seen.

Definitely better than being viewed


I'm not like everybody else, a lot of people say things to me that they think will make me feel better, but they don't.  Here is the list of things I don't need to hear.

I thought I should complement this list by making a list of things that did make me feel better.  I'll keep updating the list as people keep making me feel better.

May 29, 2015.... I know a lot of people are uncomfortable and really don't know what to say and they mean well.  Yesterday I sat next to someone who I haven't seen in over a year.  He looked right at me and said the perfect thing.  "How to therapy going?"  It was such a simple's question, and the answer only made me think of how I am getting better, not how bad I have been.

Hugs help. Smiles help. Babies help

Facebook helps. Really, Getting a few hundred likes when I simply post a picture of the fact that I could walk does encourage me. Thank you

I've often found myself trying to cheer people up who were talking to me. Sometimes I look up and say, "I won the bad lottery." Sometimes I just smiled to myself think of how my cousin Barry responded to that. He said, "No, you just got five out of nine numbers."  

Visits in general really made me happy.  It really does help if you just have lunch with me, or just spend a half hour with me and walk back and forth in the hallway.   Thinking back to my time in the hospital, it really meant a lot when people stop by on the way home from work, or even at the end of a run that showed up all sweaty. It meant a lot to me when people came from far away just to spend some time with me.

I'm sure will be more to come so I will keep expanding this list... ....


You do not have to be nice!


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