Wednesday, April 22, 2015


My excess ride drivers have been pretty nice lately.  This morning there was only one lane in the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel but was still better off than taking the Manhattan Bridge in the driver and I chatted the whole way.  On the way home from therapy the driver actually came early.  And just as we were getting it on the FDR's radio told him he had to do another pickup.  Not too far, 245 E. 24th St. I didn't know if I was going to be the next drop off but we still weren't far from the 23rd St. entrance onto the FDR.

And I'm glad I had a nice driver as we had some fun together.  He was following his GPS and it told him to head downtown on Second Avenue, then simply make a left on E. 24th St.  unfortunately he did not see the sign on E. 24th St. but said that Dead End.  The official express ride GPS did not know that E. 24th St. did not make it from 2nd to 1st Avenue.  Google knows.

You see that little gray line just to the left of the red dot.  That means there is grass there.  It wasn't the end of the world we backed out when around the block and pick up our next passenger.

Then the problem started.  She was going to Bushwick.  We jump back on the FDR and got a one-stop later so we can get on the Williamsburg Bridge.  The lower Eastside was in gridlock, so was Williamsburg.  After dropping her off we drove Bed Stuy and Crown Heights get me home.  Even though I got picked up early took two hours to get me home.

When I got close to my house I told the driver that if he would've taken me home first the other passenger would've actually gotten home sooner.  We could've taken the traffic free FDR to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.  After dropping me off they would've not had to dealt with any rush-hour traffic to get her to Bushwick.

One could only dream. :}

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