Thursday, April 23, 2015

Celebrity Sighting

I spent a little time in Prospect Park this afternoon and saw someone who I think is one of the most accomplished athletes that gets the least amount of attention.   I bumped into my old friend and running buddy Louie Rios.  You can read about him here in the New York Times.  Or if you're interested in real journalism and read about him here and here.

Luke Redmond took this photo
Here's a picture of me  and Louie.

The funny thing is that on my way to the park a guy was calling to me and said are you the gentleman that blogs and is usually in a wheelchair ?   A lot went through my mind... First, I blog about a lot more than being in a wheelchair, most of my blogs are about running or being a dad.  But not so much recently, I guess.  But, really this guy called me a gentleman and he's read my blog how does it connect those two dots.  Me… Gentlemen??

 Kinda weird being the celebrity that was seen on my way to see my celebrity sighting.  What was weirder was that whole first celebrity sighting took place in front of John Turturro's house.

Oh, by the way this is a picture from last month.  
I walked to that spot today. 

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