Monday, April 27, 2015

I wasn't lucky, and I definitely wasn't blessed. This was a plan.

People are living a lot longer these days. Well, many people are getting to an old age but I wouldn't say all of them are living longer. Medical doctors and plumbers have both kept us alive a lot longer. Lots of diseases that used to kill people 100 years ago don't even exist anymore or are easily treated. Also, the fact that we don't drink the same water we poop into has kept a lot of people from dying.

So as an American it's not hard to live a long time.  All you have to do is kind of listen to your doctor, and follow basic sanitation protocol and you could live into your 80s.  But will you really be living.?  I've seen too many people of the generation before me eat cake like every day is their last.  I've seen others conserve their steps like they were only given a finite amount and when they reached that unknown number of steps they would drop dead.  I never wanted to live the last third of my life so out of shape that daily activities would become impossible. I am both appalled and disgusted by the way some people or preoccupied with food and others who have turned laziness into a science.

Also, and I've said this for a long time you, have to be healthy and fit in order to withstand the things that come.  If you're unfit and out of shape that random horrible thing that happens to you could be the end of you.  You never know when you're going to get hit by a bus, get some horrible tumor or get hit by lightning.  Till a year ago I was assuming I was going to get hit by one of those electric cars.  Theyare so quiet and I was running so much in the street that I really just assumed that one of them was gonna smack me.  But a little less than a year ago I got a rare neurological disease.  Then because I was preparing to complete my 30th marathon I was able to walk into my doctors office.  If I was out of shape I might've collapsed in the street.

But I was able to walk into the hospital.  After a couple of days in the hospital I was totally unable to lift my arms or stand on my own.  But the muscles that still worked worked well.  I had my shoulders my neck and my core, so I was able to sit out on my own.  One of the most famous people to have this disease was William "The Refrigerator" Perry,This happened to him after his athletic career was over, and he was just an overweight alcoholic.  Check out this video.   Luckily for me 350 pounds was not my goal weight.

I am not going to let this random disorder be the end of me. I was preparing for it.  This afternoon I didn't just walk to the Prospect Park and in to it.  I went in one entrance and out another.  I didn't sit down to rest. I sat down because I do want to go home yet.


Go ahead and told me to take it easy, I'm just going further


  1. What a beautifully written peace about your amazing spirit! Michael, you are an inspiration!!

  2. Great...i am 19years with cidp and going strong!!!


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