Friday, May 1, 2015

Little things (updated)

When I walked into my doctors office I honestly thought to write me a prescription or something.  I thought I was going to get to go home.  Notsomuch.  When I got to the emergency room I didn't think I was to be admitted.  That didn't work out either.   My beard started growing and I thought it would be cool to grow hospital beard.  No one in my house wanted me to have a beard but I wasn't home so I thought it be okay.  I figured I grow hospital beard and then go home and have a hot towel shave and haircut at the Park Slope Barbershop.(Click there it's a cool article).

But I could not wait 134 days

It turned out my hospital beard had to be trimmed so they could install a central line.  They showed up in my room with a Bic single edge razor and just took it out cut my beard off.  You can tell in this picture but my neck has been trimmed.  The guy was really good with a knife.  He should be because his job title was surgeon.

But once I got back to rehab but beard and hair were just messy.  I didn't get the hot towel shave but we did find a barber shop around the corner from the hospital where I got a decent trim and got the beard removed.  Then in long-term rehab every Monday they had what was called Spa Day.  A nice lady who was on the staff of the recreational therapy department came around and painted the nails of the old ladies did rudimentary air washing.  I taught her how to use an electric razor and I was able to get a shave once a week.

Today's project helped me feel a lot more like a human being.  I got on my rolling walker and made it back to the barbershop.

It was really nice to get a haircut.  Not that I really give a shit what I look like.  But for 15 minutes I was just a guy geting a haircut, a little thing that is one more step towards being a regular person.

It was nice to be not the guy in the wheelchair, not the guy with the walker, not the guy in phisical therapy.  I was just a guy get a haircut.

By popular demand I present and after photo..

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