Monday, April 20, 2015

They're talking about weed a lot on the news today

When my kids were about six or eight we decided to go up to The Cloisters on a perfect fall day.  It was a nice trip.  But the thing that stands out in my mind was something that happened right in front of our house.  My daughter saw a giant pile leaves and stomped right into it, kicking them in the air.  My son then announced to the world "hey, that's a great idea."  And then followed literally in her footsteps.  It was super cute.

Now roll back the clock about 35 years.  When I was slightly older than my kids are now. My parents took me out to dinner and left my sister home.  That was weird so I was waiting for something else to happen.  Halfway through the meal one of my parents paused and said ,"We need to ask you a question.  Have you been experimenting with drugs?"  I've always been quick on my feet and I came back with the truth.  "No, but now that you mention it, I think it's a good idea."  It all worked out okay.  I never got big trouble, neither did any of my friends.  Eventually I found other things to do with my free time.  I guess not having so much free time helped a lot.

So my first long-term roommate in rehab was a retired New York City judge.  He let me know that a lot of lawyers and judges would be visiting him.  This led to a lot of lively conversations.  One evening one of them offered my roommate some medical marijuana.  He kind of freaked out and it would have helped his condition anyway.  But then the conversation turned to whether or not pot should be legalized in New York State.  I hadn't really thought about it until they asked me to join the conversation..

It suddenly occurred to me that very soon my kids will probably try to buy some pot.  When it's illegal they have to buy it from a criminal.  That's what makes it dangerous. They might get robbed or they might get offered other things that are not really in the market for.  On the other hand you try to buy beer the only other things for sale in that store are things like milk and eggs.  So while I have no desire to smoke pot I have a real reason for her to be legalized. 

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