Monday, May 25, 2015

A good sign

A year ago today I looked happy. I had just gotten a pass to see my kids in their school play and a couple days later I got a day pass to go out for lunch. I didn't really want to eat anything when I went out the food was okay but I really want a cold beer.

The cold beer made me happy. I also didn't know that I still had two relapses to go. I knew that whoever took me out of the hospital had to be approved by my doctor. I thought they just needed to demonstrate that they can push a wheelchair without killing someone.

But it turned out they had to sign a document that said in multiple places they would let me smoke or drink. I don't smoke but the whole point of living the hospital was to drink. I did ask my doctor if it was okay to go out and have a beer. He looked at me, looked at my chart and then looked back at me and said just don't come back drunk.

We were on the same page.  One drink good, drunk bad.
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I just remembered that I took a picture of the menu at Rusk.

The food was not bad,but as you can see no cold beer.

I later learned it was the exact same menu at Tish.   In my two stays there, I that totaled almost 3 weeks, I was never able to sneak out for a beer.

Then I transferred to long-term rehab where the food was amazingly terrible.  That's another blog.
Now back home in Park slope ......In front of Shawn Fine Wines & Spirits.  I have lived around the corner for over 25 years and I might have gone in two or five times.  I'm really a beer person.  

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