Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Fountain

I was once asked by a reporter if runners have a favorite water fountain.  When I started telling her about mine she said wait a minute I have to get a pencil..
Long-distance runners take only tiny sips of water during runs, but when Ring finishes his jogging jaunts in Brooklyn, he slurps up liquid at his favorite fountain. It shouldn't be confused with another drinking fountain near Grand Army Plaza that's on the street and pumps water that  tastes like metal, Ring warned.
"Sometimes I'm thinking about this fountain for miles," Ring said of his favorite fountain, which can be found on a path between Prospect Park West and the park's East Drive.
"While you're running, you can only take sips, but when you're done you can drink as much as [you] want. I wait my turn and...drink until I feel my weight shift."
I said a lot more than that.  I talked about how the water stream is always thick, and that it's always cold because the pipes are deep and in the shade.  In the spring it's underneath some of the most magnificent cherry blossoms in Brooklyn.  One day I'll take a picture of the fountain covered in petals.  I wouldn't mind if my ashes are spread there,so I can be those petals,

Last year I wound up in the hospital before they turned it on.  In the hospital I would close my eyes and drink its water.  My son read my mind and brought me a bottle of it.  He took a picture and I made it my background on my phone.

The plumbers must've been a little backed up this year so it just got turned on.  My Facebook friends just let me know..........................

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