Friday, May 22, 2015

Feelin' Good

Unless I give it a lot of thought I can't really remember which hospital I was in a year ago.  Facebook helps me.  My status as a year ago yesterday said "Road trip".  That tells me that a year ago it was a really big deal that I get out of the hospital for a day see my kids in their school play.  It meant a lot to me and my whole family that I was there.  I remember how awkward I felt in wheelchair.  Some people recognized me and asked me if I was in the hospital.  I said "Well, I'm still in the hospital and I showed them my bracelets, I was only out on a day pass.  Like work-release."

Now I have my own electric chair get around the house and the neighborhood by myself.  But I'm weaning myself from it.  Yesterday I joined a gym, because I can get there with a wheeled walker.  It's really good to be back in the gym it's a familiar place.  I also like the familiar aches and pains you get the next day after a work out.

Today I took my longest walk with that walker yet.  An out and back that was over 3.1 miles long.  On the way back, on a slight uphill, I even had myself timed.  I broke 10 minutes for the quarter mile.  Nine minutes and 20 seconds.  I'm feeling confident that I get around the 3.3 mile loop in Prospect Park in under two hours by the middle of the summer.  And I think that leads to 26.2 miles on the first Sunday in November, 2016.


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