Sunday, June 14, 2015

A powerful reddit thread reveals what it’s like to have a disability #1

The Washington Post recently ran an amazing article about the conversation on reddit.

Here are my opinions one item at a time. 

1. Don’t tell someone with a disability that they are inspiring.

That's right, don't! I'm not here to be your inspiration. I just want to be able to pour my own cup of coffee again.

On the other hand, yes. If I have inspired you I could use that feedback. Because honestly, that is the only reason for my existence right now. I don't want to inspire you, I need to inspire my kids. I need to show them how strong I can be. I need to know if I'm doing it right. Let me know.

Yeah, I know this has not been helpful to you. But you know what… I got a lot of problems and one of them is not telling you how to talk to me.

to be continued.....

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