Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A powerful reddit thread reveals what it’s like to have a disability #9

The Washington Post recently ran an amazing article about the conversation on reddit.

Here are my opinions one item at a time. 

9. Sometimes all people with disabilities want you to do is treat them like a normal person.

For me it's not like the story in the article. I'm a 52-year-old man, I'm okay if I don't get treated like the other kids. But most of you know me. Please, please. Treat me like the person you always knew. This guy that has the drink beer from a straw this is not the normal.  The normal me is the guy who finished 29 marathons and grew up slim dancing at CBGB's.

So please, I'm not going to ride the bike and put out the mile markers in the next race. But I wouldn't mind talking to the person who will. For just those few minutes I can forget that I'm not.

Also, just because I have a physical disability doesn't mean I'm not normal above the neck. Peoplewho know me or have at least met me know this. But I do get a lot of assumptions. A couple weeks ago I was on a city bus and someone who felt obligated to mind my business asked the air if I knew where to get off. I kept my mouth shut. But what I should've said was, "I am a fucking licensed New York City sightseeing guide, and I'll bet you a MetroCard that I can tell you a way to get to where you want to go faster than this bus."

By the way, I got a lot of paperwork from my doctors included in one of the letters written by my neurologist was the sentence.

Do you think will make a good bumper sticker for my wheelchair?

He has no psychiatric and/or physiological cognitive limitations

So yeah, I was never close to being normal, but that has never been a limitation for me

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  1. holy shit. I haven't visited your blog in a long time and I am stunned.

    I can't believe what you've been through and will have to come back to read more. I have to say also, which you probably know very well, having lived here a while....NYC is not an easy place to get around. It is hard on the body.

    (not saying all this just to be 'nice'). hugs...


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