Sunday, September 25, 2016

Today was a great day

Since I stopped using the ankle foot orthotics I have fallen three times. The first two times were probably a result of not wearing the orthotics. I say probably because those two times I stubbed my toe on a piece of raised sidewalk. The purpose of the orthotic was to prevent foot drop. Both of those times I was helped up by the people around me and hardly had a scratch. Today, while looking for goats with my daughter in the Vale of Cashmir I turned my right ankle on some very busted up asphalt.

I folded like a guy with bad cards. My left knee took most of the force and my right ankle is little swollen. While I was hobbling back home I stopped to take this picture while my daughter was looking at some art.

Yeah, I got home, put my ankle on ice, put my knee on Facebook and almost began to feel sorry for myself. Then, one of the many Michael rings that I became Facebook friends with posted this amazing comment "The Secret to life is get up one more time then you fall and you will always be a winner. You might have some scabby knees though." I had totally forgotten about the thing I did right after I fell. I GOT UP! 

Last week, when I was at mile 15 of 18 in Central Park as soon as I fell my friend Larry and a variety of tourist just lifted me into the air and onto the stone chair. Back in July, after walking a 5K in Brooklyn Bridge Park my friend Sheldon didn't give me a chance to stand up. Today I was with my lovely 16-year-old daughter, and I'm not saying she couldn't to pick me up. I'm just saying I want to give it a shot on my own. 

It is been two years, four months, two weeks and four days since I walked into my doctor's office and she told me I had Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome and sent me to the hospital. It hasn't been since before May 7, 2014 that I was able to get myself up off the ground without the help of an occupational therapist, a friend or a stable object like a chair. 

So falling down ain't nothing. Cause I got up. 

Anyway, I have an occupational therapy appointment tomorrow just a few blocks away from an ER where they wont think I'm walking in with a stroke when I just want them to look at my ankle.

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