Sunday, September 18, 2016

On today's date, two years ago I decided it was time to check out of a nursing home because it ONLY took one person to transfer me between a bed and a wheelchair

Today, I walked out of my house at 5 AM, took the subway to Central Park and walked 18 miles without stopping. Three loops. That's what you gotta be able to do if you're going to do 26.2 miles in six weeks. A few years ago I was always shooting for about three hours at this distance. This morning I was very happy to come in right at my goal time of 7 1/2 hours. Then I took the subway home.

I was a little disappointed in myself for forgetting some of the things I've learned while training for over 30 marathons. Like that cotton socks are stupid and spandex underwear is very necessary. I also forgot to bring some salt with me. I also forgot to bring some Advil with me. I even tripped and then got up at mile 15. But I survived.

Before the race I actually went to the medical tent and introduced myself. I told them I have a neurological condition and this is how I walk. So if they suddenly noticed me at mile 12 they wouldn't try to yank me off the course for looking dehydrated or drunk.

Finishing an 18 mile race that is three loops of Central Park in 7 1/2 hours is kind of interesting. Besides my friend Larry who walk the whole thing with me, the next slowest runner behind me was my friend and teammate Aaron Koffler. His time was 5:10. The winner finished in 1:44. There's a lot of interesting and irrelevant math there. But it was an interesting race for me. I started last, behind about 5000 people. Almost all of them passed me twice during my first loop of Central Park. On my third loop there were no mile markers or water stations. But there were plenty of water fountains and I'm not to get lost in Central Park. I also didn't have a problem stopping and buying a Gatorade from a guy selling dirty water dogs. I just thought it would've been cool if he would've discounted the $3 price when I told him I was not a tourist.

Yesterday, I helped organize a GBS fundraiser walk. When they were no kids around I asked the nice person donating her time to do face painting to give me a temporary tattoo.

To get 80,000 pictures my friend Larry took about 80,000 pictures while he was walking with me. Below are the last 50 or so speeded up to make it look like I'm moving quickly

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  1. Great to see you during the run. You looked like a rock star and the tattoo made a bad ass.


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