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Until two years, four months, two weeks and two days ago, when a rare neurological disorder literally knocked the legs out from under me, whenever I came across a publication or website that included a photograph of random runners the first thing I would do was try to figure out if I could be in the picture.

Yesterday I took my kids for a checkup and sitting in the waiting room I picked up the latest edition of Timeout New York. Flipping pages of useless or obsolete information and adds that look like articles and articles that look like ads I stopped on this page.It is page 34 of the September 14 – 20 edition of Timeout New York.I couldn't help but study the picture.

I needed to look for clues. Where was it taken? When was it taken? Was I there?

First I noticed the obvious. This is a New York Road Runners Club event because it's an ad for their organization. That was obvious. But then I noticed the strips of paper and everyone shirt. I know that recently their open run program has been doing that to keep track of finish times.I've recently been to a few of those. Some in Marine Park, but where we started Marine park the trees are not this dense.

Then I noticed this guy to the left. He's not me, I don't know (yet) who he is but he is wearing my team uniform.

Then off to the right I found my friend Larry. That made me think this was the Brooklyn Bridge Park Open Run, Every time I've been there I've been there with him. But that doesn't mean he didn't go without me.

I tried to play what Where's Waldo but I couldn't find myself in the crowd. But I didn't give up. When my son came out I explained to him that I might be in that crowd and that my old eyes and dirty eyeglasses were not being very useful. I told him that if I was there I was probably in the back and wearing a yellow hat.

It took him no time to find me.

On the left side of the picture in the back of the crowd.

That's me, in my yellow SpongeBob hat and red PPTC technical T-shirt.

In a couple of days I'm going to participate in the 18 mile New York City Marathon tuneup race. I say participate, because for now I'd rather become much more efficient walker than continue to try to run. This summer I tried to run a couple of 5K's and my time wasn't any faster than when I walked. But I finished completely exhausted and hurting in all sorts of places. So I think until after I finish the New York City Marathon on November 6 I'll focus on walking as far and as fast as I can.

In my opinion The New York City Marathon Tuneup is one of the most important and challenging races that NYRR puts on. It might be eight less miles than the New York City Marathon, but it is three full loops of Central Park. Three times up the hills in Harlem. Three times up that hill pasted that damn cat. You are also not in the best shape of your life like you are on Marathon Sunday. It's also a little too warm for 18 miles. And the one big thing it's missing is the 2 million the people cheering for you as you run. But it's not really a tuneup, it's a gut check. If you can do these 18 miles at marathon pace you'll be ready for 26.2 six weeks later. That's what I'm gonna find out this Sunday.

And click here for my past results. But they're not really that accurate. I handful of times I added a loop of the reservoir as I was doing the loop of the park because I didn't think 18 miles was enough but I like having mile markers and water stations for the run. But for 18 miles I was pretty happy to get close to three hours. On Sunday I hope to keep it under seven hours

Watch this place for further results


  1. Sounds like someone's been watching a lot of OITNB! Good luck on Sunday. I have no sage advice to give you because I've never done 18 either walking or running (but I'm getting there). Thanks for all your generosity towards us newbies.


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