Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Park Slope, Monday, January 2, 10 AM

The streets were really quiet when I went out to go to the gym. Then I remembered that it was a holiday because January 1 came out on a Sunday.

It was raining a little, so I was going to take the bus to the gym. As I crossed 7th Avenue I was able to see all the way down to Flatbush that there were no buses. I found a dry spot to wait.

A 10-year-old Japanese car with Obama /
Sanders / Clinton bumper stickers pulled into the first spot after the bus stop. I stopped the driver from putting money in the meter. "Parking is free today! Sunday rules." She smiled and said, "Good for me." "Not so much for me, I have to wait for the bus." And then like magic the bus pulled up.

I walked back and saw this new stencil at the top of the stairs to the subway at 9th St and 7th Ave.

Yes, it's time to identify our comrades and dig in for the upcoming battle.

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