Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why I marched

For some people, everything they do that requires effort must have direct and measurable benefits. These are people that don't go to political rallies, especially after the election is over. There are people who are always thinking about themselves, the "what's in it for me?" people.
Years back, Donald Trump was alone in an elevator in one of his properties. A young beautiful women got in. Pull the stop button. and said. "Mr. Trump, I just started working for you and it would give me great pleasure to get down on my knees and give you the best blow job of your life. " I don't know" he replied, "what's in it for me?"
Thanks Murray
I've never been a what's in it for me person. If you would've asked me as I started marching why I was doing it, I would've said so I could pry my fuckin' crippled middle finger up in front of Trump, or at least in front of one of his golden buildings. I was there because people voted for a man who our rigged electoral college made a man president who thought it's okay to make fun of people who are disabled.

Thanks Mauricio

But then I marched. I marched with hundreds of thousands in New York and millions around the world. And I saw these signs and realized why I came out. Because it's time to pick a side of the street to stand on. Time to be counted. Time to be with others who feel the same way as me.
Thanks Gabriele

Thanks Norma
Thanks Irene
Thanks Gary. I do believe you took a picture of Irene's sign
Thanks Will
Thanks Amy


  1. really weird watching the most privileged people to have ever existed on the planet protesting about their lack of rights

    1. Really weird that while the world was being distracted by our marching, the new president took steps to take away voting rights in Texas

    2. Privileged people marching on behalf of the marginalized. I wonder why that is such a foreign concept to some.

    3. Because they are bullies and elected a president who was a bully.


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