Thursday, April 4, 2019

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Yesterday  I had Occupational Therapy from 8 until 9 AM. My OT is on 38th St. right of first Avenue and it was a beautiful spring day. After OT I decided to walk around aimlessly until I felt like stopping. I started walking north past the UN and thought maybe I would grab some lunch and needed in Central Park. Then I realized I can grab some lunch and take the trim over the Roosevelt Island and eat it there

As I walked down to Four Freedoms Park I realized I'd be looking back at the view I stared at outlying hospital window. As I approached the southern in the Roosevelt Island I got all geared up to scream and yell and curse the disease that ruined my life. I thought I would scream like a maniac and then fall to the ground and cry some Park Ranger picked me up. But I couldn't do that, I could inflict myself on a handful of tourists that were there enjoying the view.

Instead, I acted like it just another tourist and took this crappy picture. Anyone around me I was taking a picture that included the World Trade Center the new Copper uilding the UN and the Empire State Building

But I was actually taking a picture of two building special to me. I tried to label them, but it doesn't matter. To the left is the main NYU Hospital building where teams of doctors kept me from dying with blood infusions plasmapheresis and chemotherapy. And more centered in the picture is the NYU Center for Musculoskeletal Care where I had just finished my Occupational Therapy and I've had three of the four surgeries. Without OT and the surgeries I wouldn't of even of been able to hae picked up the phone to take this picture. So I guess I was able to replace anger with gratitude. Yeah, I'll always be angry at the disease they tried to kill me and left me disabled. But I am thankful to the doctors that kept me alive and have been recombobulated me.

And hey, on my way back to the subway I took a little era walk nd realized I was quite near the spot where I had waved at my mother when she was at the Hospital for Special Surgery and Cornell University Hospital about 20 years ago.  

So tourists if you're reading this?! New York City isn't just a place to come take pictures of iconic buildings. It's a gathering of some of the greatest doctors in the world. I'm really grateful that I would hear

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