Thursday, September 19, 2019

It's still there!

Earlier this week I had one doctor's appointment near Borough Hall in Brooklyn at 8 a.m. and  another up at NYU Langone up near the UN at 11 a.m. So I couldn't resist but to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. This blog post is not about the Brooklyn Bridge. It is about the place I stopped to pee before I got on the Brooklyn Bridge. ANYU. I stopped countless times before my hundreds of runs over the Brooklyn Bridge

Over 10 years ago, in July of 2009 I posted this blog post. 10 years ago I noticed a rotary phone in Brooklyn that still said 212. Yep, that phone is still there and still has a dial and still says 212.

It also says Bell Atlantic and New York Telephone two of the companies that eventually became the current occupant a phone service in New York City, Verizon. Yeah, some real artifacts there. It's been decades since they installed phones with dials Tama you still want to in Brooklyn or called the phone company Bell Atlantic in New York City.

But there's something new and great right next to the phone. Next to the doors of the restrooms there's this sign. My crappy cell phone photo makes it hard to read but below are the words that are on signs like this all over bathrooms in New York City
click to read

In the big picture it really doesn't matter if there's a telephone in a park building that has obsolete messages on it. But I'm really glad my kids are growing up in a world where people could go to the bathroom that works for them

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