Monday, April 20, 2009

George Washington in Union Square

In November on 1783 this was the Norther edge on New York City. Within feet of this statue is where George Washington was greeted by the citizens of NYC when he returned on the day the British left. Things have changed in 226 years. I wonder what this spot will be like in 2240?

Looking West. The building behind the statue grew about 5 stories the past few years

Looking South

A closer view of the South View. You can see the the Metronome. It is the largest artwork in New York besides the Statue of Liberty. That's if you call the Statue of Liberty Art. You can call it a light house. I also thought the Brooklyn Bridge was art you can walk over.

The Con Ed Building, to the East

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To the North is the top of the Empire State Building and the golden Equatable Building.


  1. hello George, thanks for the wave, you look good on your horse, and that square must have changed considerably since you last rode though it.

  2. OK, love your blog for this history and the pictures. This is the stuff I want to hear when I visit a city but I hate tours!!! Thanks for the mini, educational vacation.


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