Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Took The A train with Duke Ellington's Grandchildren


Yesterday would have been Duke Ellington's 110th birthday. The Nation of the Bahamas (where Duke spent a lot of time) and JetBlue Airlines (That makes money when people visit the Bahamas) rented a 1939 subway train from the NYC Transit Museum and ran it on the A line from 125th St to Howard Beach and back. Paul Mercer Ellington conducted the Duke Ellington Orchestra at the 125th St Station and on the train ride.

Naturally, attended the event.

My camera is still in the shop but I would have take this picture. Thank you Angie's Big Apple Adventure. I was hoping I would find that exact shot on the Internet.

There are also some nice pictures in the NY Times. The Times article has a link the the Actual Audio of the band on the train. Cool.

I have been on that same exact train many times before when it sits still in the Transit Museum.
They don't even want you to chew gum on the subway level there.

There were stewardess giving out bags of chips on the train. I won't tell, but I scoured the internet for pictures of that but not. Update: This photo was provided to me by Railfain Window, I love the blogisphere!!

I you want to see a lot of pictures just click over to the NYC Transit forum Blog. They are special.

So I rode to Jay St. I wanted some lunch and my favorite chicken and rice guy is on the corner of Fulton and Jay.

My Mom always wants to know how I find out about stuff like this. I tell her you gotta subscribe to a an RSS feed and look at The Railfan Window Blog every day! He even posted my photo when the new South Ferry Station opened .

But I did find this video: Watch at least the first 35 seconds.


  1. Duke Ellington's music is sooo good!
    Actually I write you to thank for the email you sent (how you found my blog) and
    to ask you if you would please comment on my latest blog post about "Newspaper Musings" - I'm curious if you have a different take on it?
    Anyway, thanks!

  2. Thanks for the show. I heard one of these press people on NPR. He got off at York St, I think. Were you in the car w/the band?

  3. I was in the car in front on the Band. I am more of a subway geek, than a jazz geek so I wanted to be in the front car. I got off at Jay St too. You can see me in the video that was taken in the car with the band, looking out onto jay St.


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