Friday, November 13, 2009

Who Shot Rock and Roll at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

This picture was later voted the best rock and roll photograph of all time by Q (magazine)

I stood looking at that photograph. My heart rate and goosebumps both rose. That simple photograph reminded me what it was like to see the Clash at the Palladium. A 20 year old with a notepad actually asked me if I was ok when I was looking at this picture. I said "yea, I just remember being in honest fear that the building was going to collapse from all excitement, when that picture was snapped." She wrote down what I said. She should get a life.

They also had the photo that made this album cover. I used to to make my fashion statement...

There were photos showing the real excitement of live rock and roll. There were however to many photos of famous people, just because they were famous.

If you take you time you will not spend more then an hour at the exhibit. That is good because for the suggested donation price of whatever you get the rest of the museum. Stuff like this.....

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  1. michael, that london calling album cover graced my dorm walls straight thru college - (and i even had the ramones up there now and then)!!


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