Sunday, March 14, 2010

What I eat on the Subway

I was never one to follow all the rules.  But it is good to know what the rules are.

That is why I look at blogs.  Running blogs, nutrition blogs, general health blogs.  I wanna know what is good and bad.  I don't have to follow the rules all the time, but it is a good idea to try.  I try to lean in the direction of doing the right thing.

Jennifer is the mom of one of my children's classmates.  She created Food is not Your Enemy,  it's great.  Sometimes recipes, sometimes stories, sometimes just a reminder that my children are growing up learning more about nutrition than I did.

This week she posted a blog about what to eat (or not eat) on the subway.

4 Worst Foods to Eat on the Subway:
Cheetos/Doritos/potato chips/French fries.
Complicated sandwiches
Hot meat or fish.

4 Best Foods to Eat on the Subway:
Dried fruit and nuts.
Cut veggies.
Peanut butter sandwich.

That is great in theory, but my reality is a bit different.  Yesterday, I was in The Village and needed to grab some lunch and get back to Brooklyn to pick up the kids.  After reading Jennifer's blog I know what I should do, but I went the other way.  I know.  I was bad.

I got my favorite street food.  Chicken Over Rice. (thanks Jaein for the photo)

Mystery (hopefully) chicken meat. Iceberg lettuce, white rice and white sauce and hot sauce.

I go light on the white sauce because honestly, nobody knows what it is.  It might included sour cream, yogurt, mayonnaise, or something else.

I go heavy on the hot sauce because it kill germs.

But this is about eating on the subway.  Bringing this onto the Q train is fun.  As soon as I open it the aroma (stench) of grilled chicken and hot sauce fills the subway car.  People turn and see me standing there with 2 or 3 pounds of what looks like hot puke in a tray.  At this point my first objective is reached...... I have more room.

My other objective on any subway ride is to pass the time.  This can be done in many ways.  You can read a book, talk to a friend, or play a video game.  I prefer to play a little game I call "Will I make it home before I get sick".  Noting is less boring that riding the Cyclone with a broken seat belt.  Ya never know if the (possibly cooked) is gonna kick in.  Time flies when you have a real fear of exploding diarrhea.

I am sorry.


  1. I'm hoping that you don't end up on this site:

  2. is great. No, I always leave the train cleaner than when I got on.

  3. I can't believe you ate that on the3 subway, come to think of it, I can't believe you ate that period, ick

  4. I might be found here


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