Sunday, May 27, 2018

My Father In Law was the real deal

He served in the infantry in France. He never really spoke about his experiences, not directly.

I recently had the honor or organizing his army records.  The letter below was dated 30 December 1944.  It describes his actions that earned hes first Bronze Star

Which is a worse memory? Watching your buddy get blown to bits, or killing the man who just did it?

When can we stop asking that question?

Be nice to a Vet.


  1. That's a very important question and a blog post that will stay with me.

  2. Your FIL was a very special man,
    and I am so happy that I had a
    chance to know him... we could
    all be so proud of him.

  3. There is nothing worst than seeing your buddy being blow into bits and pieces.


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