Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Think I Passed a Kidney Stone on First Ave.

Yea, I did that in the Spring, so I know what it is like. My back hurt in the morning but I figured that was from  sitting on the cold earth for 3 hours before the race started. (They would not let me bring a milk crate in to the Athlete Village.  The rent-a-cops did not know why and I was not gonna fight.) The pain got worse from the Bed-Sty (Mile 10) to the Willis Ave Bridge (Mile 20).  I did not matter if I walked or ran fast.  It just hurt.    Then it stopped.  I really felt good for the last 6 miles.  I never actually felt so good when I finished a marathon.

So anyway I had a good time.  I remember that the best words of encouragement came from the sideline at mile 24, "Keep your focus". At that point you actually need to be reminded that.  Then at mile 25 one of my teammates told me I looked good.  I am glad she is a friend because I snapped back that she thinks I look good now she should see me in a fuckin tie one day.  We are still friends.

I also found 4 Metrocards on the course.  They had a value of about $16 on them

At mile 25.5 a women ran up next to me and told me she recognized me from my blog, this blog.  She apologized for being a paparazzi.  Oh please no.  If you are reading this no apology is necessary. You made me feel like a rock star.  I wish I could remember your name, but I lost that brain cell in the next .7 miles.


  1. You mean she didn't follow you to the finish line to get your autograph?
    Hey, but seriously, you finished. Horrible pain and all. Wow, that's great. Rock star or not, you really rock.
    I am a wuss. If the peripheral neuropathy in my feet gives me trouble while I'm walking the dog, I come home. If my back hurts, I come home. If my legs hurt, I keep walking the dog because I think my legs need strengthening. The dog doesn't wear a pedometer, so no matter how far we do or do not go, she's happy I took her out.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Thanks Kay.

    My favorite marathon t-shirt says something like "pain is temporary, finishing is forever."

    I am ok with pain, but I might see my urologist tomorrow.

  3. Perhaps I would have followed him to the finish for an autograph if I could have kept up. I was in a bad way at that point.

    I did feel slightly cyberstalky actually stopping you to say that I read your blog. That's the first time I've ever done that. Glad it made you feel like a rockstar!

  4. You people are nuts. And awesome. Congrats on doing it!

  5. Holy Moly! I can't believe you finished, anyway! I totally would have stopped. You are a rock star!

  6. Nice job! I still think NYC is the toughest marathon I've ever run.

  7. omg wow! the woman, the race, everything. Even the kidney stone.

    Mark is amazed that you find all these metrocards. He thinks you must have a few of his!

    congratulations, Chicken!!!

  8. This was my second. 4 years ago, I found it to be more chaotic, the waves have really helped.
    My friend said the best quote of the day for me "like a bunch of cows waiting to get slaughtered". One of the signs that made me laugh was "you're looking good and you are good looking".
    It amazes me how the community comes together for this. And they say New Yorkers are not friendly. Gee, they all should come to the marathon and experience it.

  9. That is very cool that she recognized, and there she is posting about it, hi Tracy! LOL

    Congrats again Mike, on the marathon and being an official recognized blogger!

  10. Awesome story.
    But why do you stop to pick up metrocards during a marathon?

  11. Amy, because if I saw one and did not pick it up I would not be me.


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