Wednesday, December 22, 2010

8 Years Ago Today I Called Up WNEW FM and cursed them out (10 years now)

On this day in 2002 Joe Sturmmer died.

Photo from EV Grieve

I found out in the morning and went to work. It was a quiet day.  There were now students because it was Winter Break so I played the radio.  All day long I listened to WNEW FM "Where Rock Lives". They did nothing.  No tribute, no nothing.

So at like 5pm. I called them.  The DJ answered the phone.

Me: "Hay Joe Strummer has been dead all day and you have not done anything"
DJ: "Where ya calling from?"
Me:  I am calling from Greenwich Village,  I am at work.  Now I am a 40 year old consumer who buys all the stuff your sponsors sell.  Why aren't you playing the Class all fuckin day today?"
Me:  "20 years ago he was the voice of my teenage anger.  Now he is dead and all I wanna do is stage dive."
Me:  You motherfuckers are the only radio station in NYC that plays rock & roll, will you gimme some Clash!!

I was a little upset at this point.

The DJ said they were putting together a Joe Stummer tribute.

20 minutes later they played my voice as the introduction to their "tribute".  The played Train in Vain (a song the Clash were so ashamed of they did not even list it on the record label.) and another tune that was currently a commercial for a fancy car.

WNEW FM is not even a dot on the radio dial any more.  Fuck em

He was my guitar hero

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  1. Wow, that's cool that you did that and messed up about WNEW!

  2. WNEW died a slow painful death. At least Strummer had a sudden massive heart attack


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