Friday, June 10, 2011

I was glad to help (Update with photo of me)

Because of my role in my running club I have access to some unique things.  One of them is a Fender Passport P10 10 Watt PA with Mic.  We use it to start races and announce awards.

In the Spring I helped out with a race that benefited many of the PTAs in my part of Brooklyn.  It was organized by our local New York City Council Office.

Earlier this week I was asked if I could bring the PA to an event organized by Brad Lander's Office.

Cool,  thought I was just going to hand it someone and then take it home.  Not so much.  I actually held the speaker while 3 different New York City Council Members, and a New York State Assemblymen spoke.  That was a little bit of work.  I had to hold the speaker over my head so the elected could be heard.

When I was a  NYC high school student it was the '70s.  I remember going to classes so crowded we ran out of chairs.  We sat on window sills and radiators. Back then I was involved in budget cut protest that ended when we were dispersed by police on horseback.  I hope we don't have to got back to that.  Not when the City just keeps spending more money on tests, test prep, test review, and grading.  I don't understand why class size has to be over 30 in the 5th grade.

But I gotta tell you what was a pleasure.  Holding up the speaker for the kids.  Some of them spoke spontaneously about how much they love their schools.  Some had scripts.  This 2nd grade read his speech from a Blackberry.  I don't know who I got that photo with the amp on my head.

Here is a photo of my arm
Assemblymember Jim Brennan.
This kid gave me a high 5 when he handed me back the mic
Kindergartner student Shannon Hickey of PS 9.

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  1. Yes, it's a shame classes are so many kids just cant get the individual attention they need. Very cool you are active in your community - and it's nice to get the kids involved, too! Keep up the good work (no matter how tired your arms get! )


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