Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Routine at the Coop: Nothing to see here, please keep moving.

I have not been posting about the Park Slope Coop because I have to admit it is not that interesting.  It is kinda interesting, but I don't have anything snarky to say.  But this week I realized that I am not new anymore.

When I shop, the first thing I do is grab a cardboard box.  That way I know I can carry home what ever I buy.    When I was in the produce isle a women with a name tag (I could tell she was attending orientation) asked me if they have bananas here.  I guess because I was walking around with a box she thought  I was an employee.  The question confused me.  I realized that there is no they at the Coop.  It is always we. I smiled and told here were we have bananas.

Anyway, I really look forward to my work slots.  I get to spend time with a variety of people who are much different than me, yet are very nice.

The bad thing about the Coop is that is is almost always VERY CROWDED.  I remember back before they expanded they had arrows on the floor indicating that every isle was one way.  Maybe the Isle Committee should reconsider bringing that back.  Or maybe they should install some so standing signs, because most of the time if you are not moving you are in someones way.

I am on the receiving squad, which means I unload trucks, and get the stuff onto the shelves.  I try to avoid the getting the stuff on the shelves part.  I would not mind so much if I worked when the store was closed, but it is always crowded.  It is not so much fun to try to pour grain from a 50 lb sack into a Plexiglas bin when people are shopping all around you.  Maybe if I had a flashing light on my hat.

But  I don't mind stocking the shelves in the dairy case.  I like that because you do it from the back.  You get to be alone in the cooler.  But I had a very disturbing experience there back in July.  It was in the middle of the heat wave and I woke up early and ran about 6 miles when it was already 90 degrees.  I drank a lot before, during and after the run so I was fine.  I came home and took a shower and drank some more.

So an hour later I am wearing an overcoat and moving milk around in a 40 degree room.  After a half and hour I had to pee. and then like every 20 minutes I peed like a race horse.  I don't know.  I think my body had to change form Summer to Winter mode faster than it was really meant to.

The sign on left applied to me.

I probably wont have much more to say about the Coop


  1. I used to love receiving, then the Big Boss Man starting getting stuck into me, so I started slashing cardboard boxes up (nicely) and putting them in the compactor. That was VERY satisfying. Now I do food processing.

    LOVING your blog, by the way.

  2. Thanks for writing about the coop. I am a receiver there too, at 5:30 am you can get work done and the coop is not open.

    You need an editor though. feel free to email me and I will proof read for you. You could fix these lines:

    fun to try to pore grain

    middle of the head wave

    on the?
    The sign and left applied to me.

  3. Thanks cm.

    all fixed

    Did you notice the subtitle of my blog?


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