Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's a trade off.

I do actually leave Brooklyn.  Sometimes I actually got out of NYC.  I do see how other people live. They have bigger houses that cost less.  They have things called lawns and backyards.  They don't have to move their car just so the street might get cleaned.  Their kids go to schools with actual athletic facilities.  They have community pools that you actually want to spend the day at.   Yea, there are pluses that I am missing out on.

Today I did not miss them

Today I chaperoned another class trip.  This was a great trip.  My kids are finishing up their study of geology, specifically how glaciers left their mark on The Earth.  So on this first wonderfully warm day of 2013 (up to 82 degrees) the class walked out of their school building and went down the staircase on the corner and took the B train to 81st St.  30 minutes later we were in Central Park.

This Central Park

Just to look at rocks.

Billions of people live their entire lives without getting to Central Park and my kids do it on a whim just to look at rocks.

I learned something too.

I always thought these lines were caused by the glacier.  Notsomuch.  They are from the way the rock folded when it was being created, deep underground.

These grooves were scratched by the glacier.  The kids used compasses to see that all those lines faced the same way.

all the groves on all the rocks in Central Park are aligned North - South. 

The kids also observed that this stone is a glacial erratic.  Eleven year olds love to say that.

The kids had their lunch on the steps of the American Museum of Natural History. (That happens to be the San Remo behind the kids, It is where they filmed Ghostbusters)

Since they were studying the earth and still had an hour to kill.  We actually went into the museum.

and back to school by 1:30.

Yea, I am happy to be raising City Kids.

Hey, while researching this blog post I played with Google Street View.  I think the Google Car caught a diaper changing moment.  Check out the Streetview.


View Larger Map

How is that for my 1,000th post?

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  1. Sometime in the early 80's I was exiting Central Park by the San Remo, in an auto, so we couldn't stop to see what had caused this big crater, into which a police car had fallen. There wasn't much of an Internet then, and we forgot to look at the news to see what had happened. Forgot about it until. . .Ghostbusters! It had just been a film shoot. How could anyone live anyplace else?


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