Monday, January 11, 2016

I turned the corner

Because I have a new song in my head. I'm usually humming Sympathy For the Devil which is nothing but a soundtrack for a murder. Sometimes, the Johnny Thunders version of Pipeline. That's the background music to a brawl that I actually attended (Click on the link, you can see my hands at1:10). Other times; Paint it Black, 19th Nervous Breakdown, yea some dark Rolling Stone songs. In my head I also hear a lot of Baba O'Riley (I don't need to fight: To prove I'm right: I don't need to be forgiven). of course, the Ramon's are always looping through my head. (I can't control my fingers...). When I'm in a better mood, I've been humming the Grateful Dead version of Not Fade Away.

But today, a new tune snuck in. Not really that new, more like an old friend that I haven't seen in a while. Ode to Joy is the tune that goes through my head when I can see the finish line. Today after my workout I went on the 200 m track. For the first 150 meters I jogged that clunky jog that I've been doing with the orthotics in my shoes. But with 50 meters to go, I pushed the envelope a little.   I pushed myself to within about 75% of falling down. I ran, Heal, toe, heal, toe, heal, toe... And I was airborne. I ran.

When I got home I went to the Internet to find the song that came back to my head. At first I was looking for punk rock and heavy metal versions of Ode to Joy. But it was this version that I heard. The video that goes with it is so appropriate. So much motion.  Crank it up and then read the rest of my blog.

Ode to Joy - Rock version by Ana Rucner from Ana Rucner on Vimeo.

When I finished this epic 200 meter loop one of my son's friends was waiting for me. When Owen was about eight years old, I happened to be sitting next to his mother the time he ran with the Prospect Park Youth Track Team. His warm-up was two loops of the track, and when he started his second loop I saw him look at his mother. The look on his face was pure joy. It was"look mom, this is where I belong." Now he's a teenager. He just came over to shake my hand, and tell me it was good to see me run. I told him I was glad to repay him, that it was good to see him run a long time ago.

Then I told him to go tell everybody what I did.


  1. Michael, I yelled out in excitement for you when I read about your feat. WAY TO GO!! And, I love the "Ode to Joy" appropriate. While I've heard Beethoven's original many times, I've never enjoyed this version. Thanks for sharing it. Here's to your hearing "Ode to Joy" in your head when you approach the NYC Marathon Finish Line in November!

  2. Congratulations & Mazel Tov! Only 298 days until your return to the NYC Marathon!

  3. I cannot begin to imagine how this felt for you Mike.... but well done, you've worked so extraordinarily hard. 'Ode to JOy' - so very apt. Cheers Mike.


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