Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Yesterday was my best day and while

In the morning I went to the Park Slope Armory for good workout. When I got there the truck was available so I figure I would see how far I can run without feeling like my knees were to go out on me. Walking is easy. I'm feeling like I can do that all day. But running is different you land on those knees a little harder. I felt really good at the end of two loops on that 200 m track. So I did another and another. I went home and brag to my son that I could for loops of the track, a quarter-mile. He looked me right in the eye and said no dad, you read half a mile. I think that way of finding out I ran further than I thought was the best. Yeah, in finding out your kid is smarter than you. Priceless

Then I took a walk with my daughter, to buy some supplies for her art class. My daughter goes to a special high school. I'm not allowed to say which one but they made a movie about it. So we went to a special art supply store in the neighborhood.  She loves this place....

We got kinda separated in there, so I sat in a corner and let her shop. After a while I started looking for her, without much luck. I asked one of the staff members there he saw young woman with purple hair. They simply replied that that doesn't narrow it down much around here.

Oh. I forgot to take my cane with me. Just forgot. I don't think I would need any more. Got on and off a city bus no problem. 

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