Thursday, August 2, 2018

This is why I don't bother taking pictures

Back in my college days I squeezed into my car with two buddies and drove out to see The West. Before the trip I bought myself a brand-new camera. I got the newest Kodak products; The disk camera. I knew so little about photography that I remember asking the guy in the RadioShack where I bought it if they took color pictures.

When I got home and paid to have the pictures developed I looked at them and probably threw the all away. What crap! I regretted wasting my time fiddling with the camera and not simply buying a postcard. The best picture would've been a picture of me throwing that this camera into the Grand Canyon. I also later figured out that years after a vacation you aren't really gonna want to look at the scenery again. You going to want to look at the pictures of the people you spent time with.

So fast forward to today. I do still spend a lot of time in really pretty places. I happen to spend a lot of time with my good friend Larry was a retired professional photographer. I let him take the pictures because they come out like this. Here is the rest of that album.

Here's my version of the same spot a moment later.

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