Thursday, September 26, 2019

A blog post only understood by New Yorkers

The other afternoon I was walking up the stairs at the 7th Avenue subway station for the B & Q train in Park Slope. Ahead of me we're two young women struggling to heave a pair of Citibikes up the stairs to get to the street. When they got to the top of the stairs they seem to be both giggling and crying at the same time. I had to ask. ” Why did you take Citybikes on the subway?”

In a lovely French accent the first replied, “Because we are stupid!” then the second quickly said “and we wanted to go to Coney Island”I smiled and said Welcome to Brooklyn

I thought they were very cute and wish I took that picture for my blog post. But that would have been awkward. It wasn't easy to find a picture of a Citi Bike on a subway on the internet but I found the one below it's not cute and I foun it here

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